Parking fees

Western Sydney University parking fees are set by the Board of Trustees and are effective from 1 December. The 2020 permits are available for purchase from 1 December 2019 and will be valid for display from the date of purchase.

2020 Parking Permit Schedule
Permit type Fee

Pay and Display one day parking permit
Parramatta South
all other campuses


Half Year General Yellow parking permit
non student

Annual General Yellow parking permit
non student

Half Year Restricted Orange parking permit $47
Annual Restricted Orange parking permit$94
Half Year Communal Blue parking permit $151
Annual Communal Blue parking permit$302
Dedicated Red parking permit $778
Dedicated Red parking permit with bollard $883
Scratch and Display one day parking permit $7
Parking Fine $82*

*Payable to Revenue NSW. See Parking fines for further information.

To find a permit that best suits your needs please refer to Parking permits.

Upgrade/downgrade your parking permit


To upgrade/downgrade your parking permit you will first need to purchase the permit that better suits your needs through the OneStop. Once your new permit arrives, please return your original permit to the Parking Team for a refund to be processed. Unfortunately the OneStop system does not make provision for you to pay the difference, or be refunded the difference between the two permits.

Salary sacrifice/salary deduction

To upgrade/downgrade a permit purchased by salary sacrifice/salary deduction you must submit a Staff Application for Parking Permit Deductions Form [DOCX, 76.71 KB] (opens in a new window) , nominating "Upgrade/Downgrade" in the first selection panel, and submit it to the Parking team.

Once Parking have received your application to upgrade/downgrade your permit, a temporary permit will be issued to you, as you will be required to return your original permit before the new permit is issued to you.


Refunds are only available for permits purchased via OneStop Secure.

Students who have purchased a parking permit and withdraw from study at the University may be eligible for a refund upon return of the parking permit to the Parking Team.

Staff who have purchased an annual or half year permit via OneStop and cease employment at the University may be entitled to a refund upon written request to Parking.

Refunds will not be processed if the permit returned has expired.

For a refund to be processed, students and staff must make a written request to Parking and return their permit along with validation of withdrawal from study or employment.

If payment for the permit was made by credit card via OneStop the funds will be reimbursed on to the credit card that made the original purchase.

For further information on refunds, please refer to the Western Sydney University Parking and Traffic Policy.

Casual employee permit exchange

Casual employees who purchase 30 Pay and Display one day parking permits within a calendar year will be allowed to exchange these for an annual General Yellow permit for the same year. All 30 Pay and Display one day parking permits will need to be returned to the Parking Team before a General Yellow permit is issued.

For further information, please refer to the Western Sydney University Parking and Traffic Policy.