Staff Drop In

Staff Dropin

The objective of the staff drop-in pilot is to trial a flexible workspace that can better accommodate our evolving work patterns. The modern design of the space offers a range of work settings, enabling staff to work in a way that suits them best and ensuring accessibility and connectivity.

This drop-in space is open to all WSU staff and is located at various sites. To book a space, please log onto Resource Booker and look for the Common Booking Hot Desk.

Located at 4 campus locations:

The pilot drop-in space offers a variety of workspace configurations that allows WSU staff to choose the right settings according to the nature of what they are doing.

  • Workpoints with sit-to-stand functions so you can choose to sit or stand while working to breaking up hours of sitting.
  • Breakout tables to collaborate with your colleague on projects or tasks.
  • Acoustic phone booths to make private calls or conduct online meetings.
  • Quiet room for focusing
  • Causal seating for causal meetings or catching up with colleagues.

To book and use this space you will need:

  • a current WSU staff access card
  • Under Common Booking Hot Desk on Resource Booker

Staff Drop-in - Working Tables

Staff Drop-in - Standing Table.        Staff Drop-in - Lockers