Cleaning is the responsibility of John Poulos, Manager, Cleaning, Recycling and Waste.

  • Cleaning services are contracted to GJK Facility Services, with cleaning services scheduled from 3am Monday to Friday for general areas, with day cleaners on all major campuses and weekend cleaning on selected sites.

Cafes & Eateries

Front of counter areas only are cleaned by University cleaners (GJK).


Periodic steam cleaning of carpets occur twice a year in common areas and yearly in offices, where required.

Childcare Centres

Centres across campuses are managed by UWSELL and cleaned by GJK Facility Services.

Fitness Centres

Fitness Centres are managed by Chartwells but are cleaned by the University cleaners (GJK).


Cleaning is only floors, windows and general waste bins.


Libraries have additional cleans on both Saturday and Sunday morning (except Hawkesbury and Nirimba), along with evening cleans at Parramatta, Campbelltown, Kingswood, Nirimba and Bankstown.

Staff Offices

  • Staff Offices are cleaned on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings i.e. paper recycling boxes are emptied, vacuuming and dusting is carried out and desks wiped if clear. Equipment and computers are not touched.  Red desk bins are not emptied by cleaners.
  • Buildings EA and EB at Parramatta campus and Building 23 at Bankstown campus are also cleaned on Saturday morning while Parramatta City campus is cleaned seven days per week.
  • Lismore and Bathurst campuses are cleaned through local contractors.

Staff/Student Areas

Staff/Student Areas are cleaned daily (washrooms, staffrooms, kitchens, common areas and teaching spaces), with rubbish removed daily and blue paper recycling bins taken out for collection weekly.

Student Residences

Residences are cleaned internally by CLV.

Whiteboards and noticeboards

Whiteboards and noticeboards are cleaned twice annually.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning occurs annually in December/January where required.

Additional services

These services include:

  • IT communication rooms
  • Biohazard cleans
  • Pressure cleaning of paths and buildings
  • Street sweeping
  • Graffiti removal
  • Gum removal
  • Strip and sealing of hard floor surfaces
  • Event cleaning and steam cleaning of furniture and carpets
  • Cleaning responses are also required 24/7 following building damage to storms, events and other causes.
  • Touchpoint cleaning