Study at the Top University in Asia

Semester Exchange program at Nanyang Technological University

  • Destination: Singapore
  • Dates:  early August -  early December 2020 (TBA)
  • Benefits include up to $7000 New Colombo Plan Travel Grant to assist with costs
  • Eligible students can also receive OS-HELP up to $8,295

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a leading institution of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region. Ranked 13th in the world and 1st in Asia, NTU places you in an academically stimulating environment that is both culturally enriching and socially fulfilling. The many extracurricular activities offered on and off campus will also compliment your formal studies and help you build lasting friendships from the moment you set foot on campus. This is also the perfect ‘soft landing’ in the heart of a booming Asia-Pacific region and a great jumping-off point to explore the many cultures, languages and societies surrounding Singapore, which include China, Vietnam, Thailand and India.

NTU Brochure

NTU Exchange Factsheet

What courses are available?

Am I eligible for this experience?

  • To be eligible you must:
    • Be an Australian citizen;
    • Be enrolled in an undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University;
    • Receive academic recognition for the experience;
    • A minimum of GPA 4 out of 7

What type of accommodation will I be staying in?

  • All incoming exchange students on coursework are guaranteed on-campus housing and application of housing can be made via the GEM Trailblazer Exchange Portal after you have received the login details in your e-Welcome email.
  • For more information on housing matters, please visit the Housing website.

Funding options

This cost may be offset by the New Colombo Plan Mobility Travel Grant up to $7,000, $8295 OS-HELP Loan, and other Financial Assistance.

Am I eligible for the New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant?

  • The New Colombo Plan is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region.
  • Each eligible student selected for this opportunity will be supported by a $7000 New Colombo Plan Mobility grant
  • To be eligible you must be:
    • an Australian citizen
    • enrolled in an undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University
    • be aged 18-28 years
    • must not have received a New Colombo Plan Semester long Mobility grant on a previous occasion
    • receive academic recognition for the experience
  • Note: The Government requires that 70% of participants in the program must be between the ages of 18 and 28. Therefore 30% of participants can be 29 and over. If you are over the age of 28, you are still encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest

What is OS-HELP?

You may be eligible for OS-HELP, a deferred HELP debt loan for undergraduate Australian citizens - loans of $4,000 or $8,295 are available. Academic Approval is required; have completed 80 credit points of study, and have 10 credit points remaining on return.

Conditions of Participation

  • The University of Western Sydney University is committed to demonstrating high standards of personal and professional conduct at all times. When participating in an overseas program, students must assume certain obligations to Western Sydney University (WS), the prospective country and other participants in a program. See Conditions of Participation in an Overseas Program.
  • The university reserves the right to vary program fees in the event of changes in exchange rates or price rises made by partners or other suppliers. If the cost of any service increases due to exchange rate fluctuations, price increases, tax changes or any other reason, participants are required to pay the increase when notified or may cancel a program which may result in cancellation fees.

After you Apply

Now that you have decided on participating  in an overseas experience, for further information on what to do next, see How do I participate in an overseas experience?

How to Apply

To be considered for this opportunity, submit Go Global semester exchange application by 29 February 2020. The New Colombo Plan Mobility Travel Grant will be available for 3 eligible applicants to be accepted into this program.

Further Advice

New Colombo Plan Government Reference 27702