Research Projects

Sue is a lead investigator with the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC), which has been funded by the NHMRC Collaborative Partnership Centres. Her recent research project examined "Policies and Practices of Financial Institutions relating to Substitute Decision-Making Instruments".

This project has received wide publicity in the Financial Review, Australian Ageing Agenda, and The Senior. Sue presented on the findings at the second international conference on capacity held in Berlin in October 2015, and also presented her findings to colleagues at the School of Law at Innsbruck University.

Sue received funding from South Western Sydney PHN Ltd to examine the interconnection between enduring guardianship and medical and allied health practitioners.

Sue is currently one of the Lead Investigators with the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre on a project examining Supported Decision Making. The project has resulted in several co-authored refereed publications and Guides for Aged Care Providers in developing policies in relation to supported decision making and consumer resources for those who have dementia and their families. The three year project is due for completion in December 2018.