Young and Resilient

The Intergener8 (Young and Resilient Living Lab), coordinated by the Institute for Culture and Society (opens in a new window), will research and develop innovative, evidence-based products, services, and solutions that enhance young people's resilience, wellbeing, entrepreneurship and economic participation. We believe cooperative, sustainable solutions will be the key to our success. Built around an ongoing collaboration involving young people, adults, groups, and communities across Greater Western Sydney and the broader Sydney region, the Lab project involves a series of intergenerational, multi-stakeholder workshops centred around exploring and collaboratively creating:

  1. A Living Lab research agenda;
  2. A co-research and co-design toolkit; and
  3. A network of Lab participants positioned to take forward the exciting ideas that emerge.

Ultimately, the Lab will seek to conduct research and development that fosters innovation and produces tangible outputs, and provide a physical, virtual, and mobile infrastructure to bring young people together with community, industry, and experts on a flexible and ongoing basis to co-create new and potentially commercialisable products, programs, and policies that significantly boost engagement, wellbeing, resilience, and entrepreneurship by harnessing the potential of technology. The Lab will aim to integrate research with incubation, design and start-up processes, developing and showcasing an innovation model that could be adapted across contexts, industries or issues.

Find out more about the Young and Resilient Living Lab (opens in a new window) project.


Researchers involved in this project were:

  • A/Prof Amanda Third
  • A/Prof Philippa Collin
  • Dr Teresa Swist
  • Dr Liam Magee
  • Dr Peter Bansel
  • A/Prof Nida Denson
  • Dr Michelle Catanzaro
  • Dr Milissa Deitz
  • Ms Lilly Moody
  • Dr Girish Lala
  • Dr Louise Crabtree
  • Ms Kat Sandbach