Global Opportunities

Learn local, act global.

International internships, events and opportunities.

The Academy knows that you don't get to the top by standing still or exclusively sitting in a class room.

The understanding that real leadership is built on relationships, empathy and a wider experience of the world is what encourages The Academy to offer remarkable opportunities to participate in top-level conferences and volunteer programs, nationally and internationally.

Upcoming 2019 Global Experiences

India Immersion Internship Program: NCP partially funded

Students intern with an NGO on a voluntary basis to help implement the NGO's humanitarian programs and also immerse themselves in the local community.

  • Three weeks across June/July & Jan/Feb
  • Working with NGOs in Mumbai

University Scholars Leadership Symposium

The Symposium is creatively planned to help you discover your hidden potential as well as actively engages you in learning experiences beyond the Conference rooms. The event will enable you to acquire robust confidence, goal-setting capabilities, self-reliance and independence, and sharpen your cutting edge, prerequisites for the next generation of 21st Century leaders.

  • Kuala Lumpur, 1-7 August

Democracy and Citizenship: The Academy and Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Our students work with South African peers to investigate what citizenship means in our world, and examine the intersection with democracy and systems of representation.

  • Stellenbosch - 2 weeks in July
  • African response to politics, economics, health and education

iNight Market, Taiwan

Students had the opportunity to participate in multi-disciplinary learning 'incubators' that idenitfy solutions to challenges faced by business, visitors, government and communities at the Feng Chia Market (taichung), Taiwan's third largest night market. Over 2 weeks they collaborated with international peers to produce outcomes that might include exhibitions in Taiwan and Australia, a website and catalogues and applied their skills to the Indo-Pacific mobility, heritage, smart city design, creative industries and business enterprises.

Partner Programs : June/July and Jan/Feb – four to six weeks

Recent Global Experiences

Some recent events offered to The Academy's students, partly or fully funded by the University, include:

  • Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations Conference, Manila
  • International Student Energy Summit, Bali
  • International Youth Leadership Conference: Dubai UAE
  • Kochi University of Technology, Kochi Japan – Summer School and Yosakoi Festival
  • G20 Youth Summit, USA and Russia
  • Leadership Symposiums on Humanitarian Affairs, Thailand and Bali
  • Nuremburg Moot Court, Germany
  • CRCC International Internship Program for Engineering, China
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, South Africa and Qatar.
  • Sixth University Scholars Leadership Symposium – Hong Kong, SAR, China
    An international humanitarian leadership program where outstanding university students from many countries come together to learn about, explore, and address global issues concerning the plight of those living in extreme poverty.
  • Kasetsart University Thai Immersion - Bangkok, Thailand
    This program is intended to provide students with a Thai immersion experience across several aspects of Thai life as part of the Summer School, Kasetsart University, which is located in Chatuchak area in Bangkok. Tai Ngo (Opens in a new window) took part in this experience.