About Us

About Us

The Psychology Clinic is staffed by provisionally registered psychologists currently undertaking post graduate training to become clinical psychologists. All provisionally registered psychologists are supervised by fully accredited and highly experienced clinical psychology supervisors. This ensures that clients receive the highest quality care whilst attending the clinic.

The Psychology Clinic functions as a research and training facility, undertaking cutting edge research in the field of mental health and clinical supervision. This means that clients receive the most up to date and proven assessment and treatment methods.

Our Team

Head, Clinical Services
Ms Karen Moses

Clinical Supervisors
Ms May Lam
Ms Vanessa Croker
Dr My Trinh Ha
Ms Andrea Malcolm 
Mr David Gilfillan
Ms Maria Reboredo

Psychological Testing Supervisors
Ms Suzanne Benson
Ms Anne Brown
Dr Robyn Boyle
Dr Phil Ray

Psychology Clinic Senior Administrative Officer
Ms Ashley Gentle

Psychology Clinic Administrative Officer
Miss Joana Medina