School of Psychology facilities

Outside the Parramatta Science building

The School of Psychology offers a range of research facilities and lab spaces for the use of students and research staff.

The School of Psychology has its own dedicated Experimental Research Laboratories on the Bankstown City, Parramatta and Penrith campuses. These research activities are designed for students to gain first-hand experience with a broad range of research topics, theory and methods in psychology. They also support a broad range of international and national research grants and projects, and welcome members of our community to contribute as a research participant.

Our laboratories include facilities to support research in cognition, perception, vision and aging, and host laboratory research equipment such as eye-trackers, motion capture devices, electrocardiogram (ECG), electromyography (EMG), skin conductance recording, and a virtual reality room.

Standard psychological apparatus is largely computer-based with a range of specialised hardware, software, and/or related equipment installed in research labs, computer labs, and tutorial rooms as required for experiments and exercises.  This includes:

  • Psychophysiological hardware such as PowerLab and Biopac for Galvanic Skin Response  (GSR), EMG and ECG;
  • Psychophysiological software such as Chart, Acknowledge;
  • Experiment editors such as Psyscope, DMDX, E-Prime, Presentation;
  • Experiment demonstration software of class classic experiments, including the Stroop effect, divided attention/dual tasks, colour perception, depth perception, monocular cues to depth, speech perception (e.g., Sine wave speech), perceptual grouping, and music perception.

Other specialised software used in the School of Psychology include 3D video equipment and virtual reality systems; and eye tracking devices such as EyeLink and Tobii.