2020 School of Law Research Seminar Series

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Date PresenterTopic
4 March    Professor Catherine Renshaw Resarching Myanmar's Genocide: Some Questions of Law and Methodology (research paper)
29 April Dr Patrick Foong Unproven and Unethical: The Emergence and Marketing of Autologous Somatic Cellular Treatments (research paper)
20 MayProfessor Liz Handsley Classifying Content in the 20th Century: What Needs to Change, And How? (research paper)
27 MayDr Liesel Spencer and Elen Seymour Thelma and Louise, and Colleagues: Workshop on Research Collaboration (training seminar)
17 JuneProfessor Anna Cody Reflection and How Students Learn About Their Ethical Duty to Contribute to Justice (research paper)
24 JuneSasha Petrova Writing for The Conversation  (training seminar)
1 JulyDavid Newlyn Contracts, Presumption and Intention: What is the Current Status and Relevance of Presumptions?
1 JulySimon KozlinaCritical Pedagogy and Legal Education - explorations of theory and practice in Law and Public Policy
29 July Adjunct Professor Chris SidotiUN commissions of inquiry into human rights atrocities