Our Decisions

Staff, students and the public may participate in Western Sydney University's decision-making and functions in a number of ways.

The majority of members of the Board of Trustees and its committees are drawn from the professions, industry, business and the wider community and these external members provide direct and valued input to the decision-making of the University. There is also substantial contact and input from the professions related to the teaching programs and research conducted by the University. The University regularly conducts a range of on campus events (lectures, open days, exhibitions etc.) to which the public are invited.

Public participation in University decision-making and policy development

Staff and students have input to decision-making through their elected representatives and are represented on a range of internal committees, most notably the Academic Senate which is the authority for the academic policies of the University that affect students in their courses of study.

Staff and students are also welcome to nominate for elected representative positions. Notice is provided from time to time of these opportunities in a variety of ways such as mail outs, e-mail and posters depending on the nature of the elected positions. Western Sydney University policies are published on a central web site and members of the University community are able to be provide feedback on published and draft policies. The University also has an extensive program of surveys for staff, students and the community to gain feedback in relation to its functions and activities.