Agency Information Guide

Western Sydney University's Agency Information Guide has been developed in accordance with the NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) to give the community greater access to information.

The University's Information is accessible through seven main categories:

  1. About Us – who we are and what we do. Includes the University's structure and function
  2. Our Services and Facilities - details of the services and facilities we provide to students, staff and the community
  3. Our Finances – what we spend and how we spend it
  4. Our Priorities – what our priorities are, and how we are doing against them
  5. Our Decisions – how we make our decisions, and facilitate public participation
  6. Our Information – our information, and how the public can access it
  7. Contact details - of the Right to Information Officer

The University is committed to openness with regard to its information. We encourage members of the public to seek advice from the Right to Information Officer in relation to requests for information. Such enquiries serve the public and assist the University by flagging information known to be in demand and may lead to a reduction or removal of potential impediments to public access.

Recent Innovations

The University is committed to seeking more effective ways of proactively releasing and distributing information to students, staff and the public in general.

Here are some recent web facilities that have improved the public's access to the University's information:

This agency information guide was revised in August 2017 in accordance with the Agency Information Guide Self-assessment Checklist for agencies (opens in a new window).

Not included in the above categories are personal information; information that could affect our commercial operations; archived, out of date or inaccessible information or information which if released on a routine basis, would be impractical or resource-intensive.