Digital U

Welcome to Digital U

To move with the times, we have decided to shake things up and rebrand our series of events, from Your Workplace on Your Terms to the newly coined Digital U.  We would like to welcome you to what we have planned for 2021 and beyond.

What is Digital U?

Working with our technology partners, LaTTe, along with Learning Futures and ITDS, are always looking at ways that we can help staff and students with the promise of technology. To do this, we wanted to create space of learning and higher thinking where staff can apply technologies to their work, to discover new and creative ways of working for themselves. With a play on words, we thought that this would be a great fit for you and for Western Sydney University.

As a start we are showcasing a series of events to provide the opportunity for our staff to learn the latest technology with big names in the tech industry so they can show you the most up-to-date information and trends that are taking place globally. We already have companies like Adobe and Blackboard providing some great insights through workshops planned through the year. Stay tuned, remember technology is about U!

A Series of Events

Click on the buttons below to learn more about Upcoming events for 2021 and some of the events we have held in the past. We plan to add more shortly, so stay tuned.

Calendar of Events

Workshop Date Workshop Title
24 February 2021 Photoshop: Tips & Tricks for Teachers in all curriculum areas
3 March 2021 Blackboard Collaborate
17 March 2021 Publishing text, images and video with Spark Page
30 March 2021 Blackboard Ally: Improving the Student Experience through inclusive design
14 April 2021 Making Great Vector Art with Adobe Illustrator
21 April 2021 Blackboard Collaborate - Deep Dive using Polls
19 May 2021 Presenter
9 June 2021 Advanced Layout and content Design using InDesign
14 July 2021 Taking Photography to the next level with Lightroom
11 August 2021 Drawing and Painting without the mess with Fresco
8 September 2021 Building eLearning content with Adobe Captivate
6 October 2021 AERO

Past Adobe Events

Making Great Vector Art with Adobe Illustrator

The industry-standard vector graphics software lets you create everything from web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging and billboards. And now, experience the freedom and flexibility of Illustrator across desktop and iPad.

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Adobe Spark Page and Video

Adobe Spark, or web and mobile, makes it fast and easy to create social graphics, web pages and video stories anywhere for free. You can have stunning stories in a matter of minutes.

The online workshop, held by one of Adobe’s experts, explored:

  • Simply pick a design template, add your photo and text and quickly resize your creation to fit your favourite social media site or blog
  • Using Spark Page, transform words, images and videos into dynamic web stories with Spark
  • Put a unique twist on anything — a book report, weekly newsletter or your latest travel adventure
  • Simple and fast video sharing via Spark.

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Photoshop Tips & Tricks for Teaching in all Curriculums

Photoshop is Adobe's the world’s best imaging and graphic design software, and is usually at the core of just about every creative project, including photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design. By understanding how to use this software can both empower individuals and help them produce more compelling images.

During this online workshop, Adobe introduced tips and tricks to help in any setting, including teaching:

  • Photoshop Tips & Tricks for teachers in all curriculum areas
  • What’s new with Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop and integrations

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Photoshop feature summary (opens in a new window)

Take a deep dive into Photoshop with Adobe Evangelist Terry White with an expanded demo of the platform.

Explore new features and performance enhancements that make Photoshop even more powerful along with some easier ways to accomplish common tasks. (opens in a new window)

Unlock your creativity

Creativity is considered one of the most important skills required to thrive in the workplace in the next 20 years. Having skills in creativity, collaboration and complex problem solving is a great way to prepare for the future. Adobe is a world leader in digital creativity and enabling digital literacy.

Premiere Rush CC is Adobe's new all-in-one video editing tool for desktop and mobile providing video creators with a modern all-in-one video editing solution that allows them to quickly edit a video and publish it on platforms like YouTube and other social networks.

This online workshop in October 2020 looked at:

  • How to tell a story
  • Camera techniques
  • How to shoot on mobile and edit on desktop
  • Exporting

Adobe keynote Lunch & Learn showcased how to unlock your creativity using Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Dr Tim Kitchen, Adobe’s Senior Education Specialist for APAC, focused on some of the research behind the importance of creativity. Tim also shared how and why Adobe Creative Cloud is making a positive difference and enhancing creativity in education institutions all over the globe.

This session covered:

  • Importance of Digital literacy and Education Initiatives Keynote with Dr Tim Kitchen.
  • WSU and partnership with Adobe.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 – Services and Storage.

Past Blackboard Events

Blackboard Collaborate Deep Dive: Using Polls

Polls are a great way to engage your students and keep them interested. They can help you to increase and sustain participation, reduce learner anxiety including breaking the ice, uncover learning gaps and also provide feedback.

The webinar covered using polls in a virtual classroom and the steps required to prepare for a session using Blackboard Collaborate as well as looking at some new features.

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Join the Blackboard Community (opens in a new window)

Find the help you need on Blackboard products (opens in a new window)

Blackboard Ally: Improving the student experience through inclusive design

This session looked at building a more inclusive learning environment and improving the student experience by helping students take clear control of course content with usability, accessibility and quality in mind.

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Blackboard Collaborate Tips & Tricks for engaging with your students online

This session had an educator focus, demonstrating how to get the most out of the Blackboard Collaborate toolkit for teaching and learning.

It covered how to setup and use:

  • Polls to give your students opportunities to participate and provide feedback
  • Breakout Groups to facilitate small group collaboration
  • Sharing content including adding files, sharing applications and using a Virtual Whiteboard to interact with students in real-time
  • Backend sessions/recordings management within Learn integration:
    • How to change a recording availability status from Private to public
    • How to download polls
    • Available reports
    • Closed captioning
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Educator Insights (opens in a new window)

Other Past Events

Technology in the Workplace

Citrix, a company that focuses on people-centric solutions will be visiting Western Sydney University on 25 July 2019. We will hold a one hour workshop demonstrating the possibilities of using Citrix, with afternoon tea being provided afterwards and a chance to interact with some of their products and talk to their experts.

This session covered:

  • Security: Be secure in the knowledge that your information and privacy is protected.
  • Accessible: Believe in choice and being accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Increased Collaboration: The key to success and being able to collaborate seamlessly and transparently with your colleagues.
  • User experience: Should be positive and second to none.