FLIPCurric - Global Online Practitioners Guide

The FLIPCurric site (opens in a new window) was developed from 2014-17 by some 3700 Learning and Teaching leaders from around the world as part of an Australian Office for Learning and Teaching National Senior Teaching Fellowship.

It currently has some 14,500 tertiary teachers within and beyond Australia using it to review their current learning programs in order to make sure that they are developing graduates who are not only work ready for today but work ready plus for an uncertain tomorrow. The site gives proven, practical tips on how best to confirm the fitness of purpose of what is being learnt. It suggests that being work ready plus involves being sustainability literate, change implementation savvy, inventive (socially not just commercially) and being clear on where one stands on the tacit assumptions currently driving the 21st century agenda.

Focussing on developing the work ready plus outcomes that will best help graduates successfully navigate the volatile times that will unfold over the coming decades is seen by the 3700 L&T leaders who co-created the site as now being the key starting point for assuring the quality and relevance of every university learning program. From this starting point the site then gives proven, practical tips on how best to backward design from these outcomes to ensuring that course design, assessment, grading, calibration and learning methods are fit for purpose.

The site also includes a summary paper on the key lessons learnt from the workshops  undertaken with the 160 universities and colleges around the world as the site was developed, along with a summary of the background theory and practice that underpins what is advocated, a searchable data base of some 240 examples of peer reviewed, ‘powerful assessment’ and key tips on how best to engage staff and students with the changes advocated.

The 6 minute video on this page gives further details on what is on the site and how best to navigate it.