Setting the Direction - Prototyping for Innovation

The 21C Project launched in 2017.

The University committed to the transformation of its Curriculum (PDF, 1364.87 KB) (opens in a new window) to equip students for their success in a disrupted future and hosted a series of Future of Work and Curriculum Disruption Forums (opens in a new window) to explore that rationale.

We developed Partnership Pedagogy as a strategy to build relevance and agility into our new curriculum. Schools worked collaboratively to simplify our curriculum architecture.

The new degree structures enable students to develop hybrid capabilities to complement discipline studies, equipping them as Future Thinkers, Innovative Entrepreneurs and Sustainability Advocates necessary for their successful engagement in the future of work and society. Networks of Curriculum Scholars (opens in a new window) formed to support curriculum development through Curriculum MakerSpaces (opens in a new window).

Teams of staff worked on funded flagship projects (PDF, 198.32 KB) (opens in a new window) to develop and prototype our new curriculum.

Academic and Professional staff contributions from across the university were recognised through the Western Educational Fellowship Scheme (opens in a new window).