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21 - 24 November 2016


The International Conference on Engineering Education and Research, 2016 (ICEER 2016) was held from 21 - 24 November 2016 and jointly organised by the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics at Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia and the International Network for Engineering Education and Research (iNEER).

iNEER is a global professional organisation formed by the world engineering community to promote mutual progress in teaching and learning through international cooperation. iNEER is a non-profit organisation based in Potomac, Maryland, USA. The widening network of educators and researchers associated with iNEER covers 98 countries and is linked through the iNEER website, archival publications, electronic communication system and various conferences, workshops and retreats worldwide.

iCEER 2016 was hosted at the Parramatta Campus, situated on the Parramatta River, 20km from the Sydney CBD and well connected by rail, road and ferry networks. Sydney (opens in a new window), with its population of 5 million, is the largest city in Australia. The traditional landmarks of the Sydney Harbour; including the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are within easy reach of the conference venue as is the Blue Mountains (opens in a new window) World Heritage National Park.

The development in engineering and technology is advancing rapidly, which is making currency and delivery of existing curricula in engineering education challenging. The recent trends and advancements in engineering education were discussed by many leading educators from all around the world who gathered at iCEER 2016.The main objectives of the conference were to provide an opportunity of professional interaction amongst the educators, researchers, academics and students, and to showcase the latest developments and trends in engineering education.

Submitted papers featured a wide range of topics on current best practices in education of future Engineers as well as practices which should be adopted in the wake of recent research and growing demands due to the fast paced advances in technology applications.


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Keynote Presentations (Professor Trevelyan and Professor Littlefair only)

The ISBN number for the conference proceedings is 978-0-646-95724-1