Green Star Buildings & Precincts

Green Star Building/Communities are built or refurbished using strict criteria that reflect the local biodiversity to deliver healthy, resilient and positive places that reduce environmental impacts including carbon, water, nature, and waste.

Western is investigating the opportunity of Green Star Community application for precinct master planning associated with the Werrington campus redevelopment.


Key Strategies Emerging

Green Star certification can be applied to building construction, performance of established buildings, fit outs, and community precincts. To date, 13 Green Star buildings for design and/or As-Built construction have been certified by the Green Building Council of Australia (opens in a new window) (GBCA), with plans for additional Green Star rate buildings currently underway.

As part of the Western Growth Strategy, the establishment of vertical CBD campuses, and the repurposing of campuses such as Werrington provides an opportunity for increasing engagement with Green Star Communities, with discussions with GBCA representatives underway.

Management Initiatives Underway

Established and certified Green Star buildings include those developed within the established campuses and the new CBD campuses. These include Werrington Park Corporate Centre, buildings for the College (Nirimba, Milperra, Kingswood, and Lithgow), Macarthur Clinical School on Campbelltown Hospital, the Science Building at Parramatta, the Peter Shergold Building (Parramatta City), Ngara Ngura Building in Liverpool, the Parramatta Engineering Innovation Hub, Westmead Innovation Quarter, and Bankstown City campus.

Discussions are underway with GBCA as to opportunities relating to Green Star Communities accreditation for campus re-development. Western has contributed to Parramatta City Council's application for Green Star Community accreditation for the public domain of Parramatta Square.

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Compliance Requirements and Risk

Accreditation is a formal process during design and construction, requiring the involvement of Green Star accredited consultants and auditing by GBCA leading to accreditation.

Trends and Interdependencies

Green Star certification has evolved over time and from 2023 requires new project registrations to be Climate Positive as a requirement for 5 or 6 Star accreditation. Also, complementary rating systems such as WELL Certification (measuring and monitoring a building's impact on human health and well-being) are emerging, with submissions already underway on several buildings. The new Sustainable Buildings SEPP (the SEPP) (opens in a new window) will come into effect on 1 October 2023, and Western will be subject to the provisions of the SEPP for all non-residential development with requirements for measurement and minimisation of emissions, energy and water standards, and creation of net zero statements.


2023Outcomes of Parramatta Square Green Star Community rating, assessment of WELL rating scheme
2025Potential broad application of Green Star Communities to campus redevelopment

Initiatives and Case Studies

Bankstown City Campus - Case Study

Western Sydney University's Bankstown City Campus project stands as a shining example of the University's commitment to sustainable building practices and water efficiency. This case study focuses on how the University applied and exceeded Green Star Standards to minimize water use, leading to the prestigious achievement of a 6 Star Green Star As Built v1.3 certification from the Green Building Council of Australia (opens in a new window).

Read more about Bankstown City Campus case study here.

Green Star Buildings

Western is one of the leading universities in Australia for the number of Green Star building projects, shown in the table below.

Certified Green Star buildings can be found in GBCA's Green Star Project Directory (opens in a new window) using the associated Green Star number.

Campus and Building GBCA Tool Green Star
Bankstown City
1 Design & As-Built V1.3 4415 Certified 6 Star 
U10 Education V1 1438 Certified 5 Star Design
Macarthur Clinical School
Education V1 2080 Certified 5 Star As-Built
Lang Walker AO Medical Research Building
Design & As-Built V1.3 7159 Registered 2022
W Education V1 1662 Certified 5 Star As-Built
Outreach Campus
Education V1 1442 Certified 4 Star Design
3 Design and As-Built V1.1 3310 4 Star (Design Review)
Parramatta City
1PSQ Peter Shergold Building
Education V1 1918 Certified 5 Star As-Built
Engineering and Innovation Hub
Design and As-Built V1.2 4370 Certified 6 Star
Parramatta South
EHa Education V1 2729 Certified 6 Star As-Built
Werrington South
Werrington Park Corporate Centre
Office Design & Office As-Built V3 1545 Certified 5 Star As-Built
Westmead Innovation Quarter SP1
Design and As-Built V1.2 4371 6 Star Design

Towards Green Star Precincts

Green Star Communities represent a significant opportunity for Western to establish a benchmark for sustainable development in Western Sydney. The framework assesses the planning and construction of developments in relation to governance, design, liveability, economic prosperity, environment, and innovation.

Peter Shergold Building, Parramatta City

SDGs 4, 9, 11, 13