Where Graduates Go

Where graduates go

Where can a Western degree take you

Image (above): Thy Pham - Bachelor of Engineering

Each year, along with all other Australian universities, Western Sydney University carries out a survey asking new graduates what they are doing. This takes place about four months after completion of a degree.

Below you will find a selection of the full-time employment and further study destinations entered in recent years by new bachelor degree graduates under the age of 25. These are not complete lists (for example there are no duplicates – a common destination like the Master of Teaching appears only once).

They contain a broad sample of the sorts of first jobs, and courses of further study, entered. There is no guarantee that employers listed will be recruiting graduates in the near future. If you are interested in any opportunities these employers might have, first check their websites to see if there are any positions open for application.

Information about other disciplines will be added from time to time.

Image: Ahmad Al Rady - Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) / Master of Podiatric Medicine, Bachelor of Medical Science