Graduate Recruitment

Graduate Recruitment ProgramThe Graduate Recruitment Preparation Program helps students make a smooth transition from study life to work life by presenting a range of activities and tasks designed to help you prepare quality applications.

This program will give you access to a range of online and face-to-face activities and resources to engage you with the graduate recruitment processes. Completing this program will ensure you are prepared and ready to submit on time, industry standard applications to your targeted employers. 

The program includes information, workshops, activities and assistance covering;

  • Graduate programs - what are they, when do I apply, what is the application process?
  • Finding positions/employers/programs.
  • Understanding the recruitment process timeline.
  • Application preparation including resume, identification and articulation of employability skills, addressing Selection Criteria and your LinkedIn page.
  • The Online Application Form.
  • Psychometric Testing.
  • Video and face-to-face interviews.
  • Industry events.

Participation in the program is by invitation and targets students with a Credit plus average GPA prior to commencing their final year of study. For further details and application information, please contact Careers on 4736 0424.

Program outline


  1. Researching Graduate Recruitment Opportunities

    Online investigation module that targets the best Graduate Employment websites. You will use these websites to select the programs and employers you are most interested in. Anticipated time to complete the exercise is one hour but once you see what is available, you may want to spend more time browsing and investigating further.
  2. Organising Graduate Employment template

    On completion of activity one you will be sent an Excel based template to help you organise your job applications and navigate your way through the application processes. Your task will be to populate the template with the information you gained from Activity 1. Anticipated time for Activity 2 is one hour but as it is an information organisation template, it will end up saving you lots of time as all your information will be in the one place.
  3. Resume Ready

    Understand the structure, form and writing style recommended for resumes then use your own employability skill experiences to build an industry standard resume. Submit your completed resume for a review by one of our Careers consultants.
  4. Addressing Selection Criteria

    Face to face workshop
    Wednesday, 1 March 2017, Parramatta Campus, 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

    This Workshop will require you to bring all your material from Activities 1 – 3. The first part of the workshop will be identifying your own employability skills then matching them with the selection criteria typically used by graduate employers in your industry. Learn how to articulate the skills you bring and expertly address the selection criteria sections that form part of the online grad recruitment application processes. Facilitators will include representatives from current graduate recruiting employers. Meet other program participants and set up your own peer review and assistance workgroup with other students. students.
  5. Psychometric Testing.

    Online activity that links you with a variety of Psychometric tests related to employability. This activity will give you a heads up as to the type and style of questions you can expect so you can perform at your best when these are used as a selection tool by recruiters. Anticipated time for activity is one hour but you can repeat or do different tests as many times as you like.
  6. Interview Skills

    Online worksheet that
    • matches your experiences to typical interview questions and helps you formulate appropriate responses
    • outlines common questions and guides you through building strong responses
    Complete the activity by attending a practice interview session or submitting a video of you answering a typical graduate recruitment interview question. Allow at least 2 hours for this activity plus attending the practice session or recording your video.

    Practice Interview Sessions:
    Tuesday 14 March 14 2017, Parramatta Campus 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
    Each session will run for one hour starting from 10.00 am.
  7. Assessment Centre simulation

    Participate in tests, challenges and activities typically used by graduate recruiters in the final stages of the selection process.

    28 March 2017, 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm
    Parramatta Campus