Career and Resume Advice

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Do you…

  • have clear career goals?
  • understand the career implications of changing degrees or majors?
  • know about your further study options?

We are here to assist you! Our services are available to both domestic and international students as well as recent graduates and includes career and resume advice.

Career Advice

Our experienced Careers Education Consultants (CECs) are here to help you formulate your strategic career path respective to your current studies.

Additionally, we have a broad range of resources available to you so you can be completely self-sufficient. Remember, we are still just a phone call away, if you decide that you need more help.

Resume Advice

Resumes are much more than just a chronological listing of skills and activities. It is your opportunity to promote yourself to potential employers. It is a reflection of how you see yourself and, to the trained reader can portray your values, philosophies and areas of employment interest. So the best person to write your resume is you however we are here to help and offer a range of services and resources to assist you.


We have regular workshops at both Parramatta and Penrith. For times and locations please see our list of workshops.

Resume review

A resume is a record of your educational qualifications and work history for the purpose of seeking employment. It's important that you know the foundations of building a resume. Once you have completed your resume you will have the opportunity to submit your resume for review (please allow 3 to 5 business days for a response).

We also provide brief resume checks at selected career expos and events to get immediate feedback on how to improve your resume.

Please note – this is NOT an editing service, rather they will advise about the content.  You will receive advice about the content of your resume. Spelling, grammar and formatting will not be corrected.


Don't forget to check out our collection of career development resources!