Postgraduate Research

BENS, as part of the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour, and Development, is a stimulating, multidisciplinary, intellectual environment for researchers, including higher degree by research (HDR) candidates. We offer Masters and PhD projects in a range of research areas including: sensory neurophysiology, computational and theoretical neuroscience, neuromorphic engineering, integrated circuit design, bioelectronics, and biomedical engineering.

Prospective Students

Prospective higher degree by research (HDR) candidates are invited to contact the MARCS HDR Coordinator Jen Armstrong.

For more information about admission to the University's research student program and scholarships, please visit the Graduate Research School.

Research Opportunities

We are currently looking for PhD students for a number of projects, which are listed on our PhD opportunities page. Prospective students are also able to propose their own projects if an interested supervisor can be identified.

Current Postgraduate Research

A brief description of our current HDR projects can be found here.