International impact: iPad initiative at UWS

Students using iPads

UWS staff often travel around the globe, presenting at conferences about their research, projects and work here at UWS. This year, UWS was fortunate to be involved in the first iPads in Higher Education Conference.

Lynnae Rankine, Blended Learning Manager in the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), travelled to Cyprus earlier this year to speak at the conference about the iPad integration initiative at UWS. Dennis Macnamara, Blended Learning Consultant also from the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), participated in the conference presentation via Twitter.

Presenting to delegates from more than 14 countries, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, Canada and the United Arab Emirates, Lynnae highlighted how iPads are being used to support the University’s blended learning transformation.

The conference Chair from Cyprus University of Technology said that the presentation showcased the best case study he has seen for using iPads to enhance learning.

“UWS seems to be at the forefront in the higher education sector for using iPads to enhance the learning and teaching practice,” explained Lynnae when she returned. “Speaking at the iPads in Higher Education Conference was a great opportunity to showcase the good practices happening here at UWS.”

After the presentation, Lynnae was approached by a number of organisations for more information about the iPad initiative, as well as further follow up and possible visits including to the United Arab Emirates, home to another institution with a recent large-scale iPad implementation.

Interested to hear what caught the attention of this international community? The presentation can be viewed online on the QiLT webpage (opens in a new window).