Guess the Scene

Event Name
Guess the Scene
24 January 2022
12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

Address (Room): Meeting ID: 838 6109 4916 Password: 459624


Do you like movies and music? Are you good at remembering scenes from movies and music videos? Do you want to win prizes?! Then join us for 'Guess the Scene' on zoom! How the game works: The Student Events Team host will be sharing their screen with participants. The host will be playing cut scenes from movies, shows, music videos etc. The first participant who guesses correctly will earn a point and the first person to get 3 points will win the round. Winners will receive $40 in giftpay vouchers that will be sent to student emails at the end of the week. Giftpay vouchers can be redeem in over 100 stores. Meeting ID: 838 6109 4916 Password: 459624

Name: Nap Andrei Samson

Phone: 0439 799 596

School / Department: Student Events Team - Office of Student Experience & Marketing