Prize winners

Thank you for being part of the Social Club. Congratulations to our prize winners!

Virtual Event Winners 2021 ($25 Voucher)

Happy New Year Draw - Ray Villarica
Valentine Draw - Monique Pirihi

Virtual Christmas in July: The Chief Christmas Elf (Sue Veen) ran some Poll’s and the results are:
Best Christmas Background:
57% Gabby Talbot-Mundine, 29% Sue Veen, 14% Jenni Dewberry
Best Dressed for Christmas in July: 44% Karen Hutchings and her Elf friend Samantha, 22% Equal for Katina Zammitt and Sue Veen, 11% Jenni Dewberry
Special mentions:
Linda Lamond did not use a virtual background. Linda went to the trouble of unpacking her Christmas decorations and wrapping some gifts to decorate her home office and got dressed up – well done.
Sue Heald having computer issues did not have a Christmas background or dress up, so decided to sing us a Christmas Carol instead.
The Chief Christmas Elf, feeling very Christmassy and generous has decided that everyone who attended this virtual event  received a prize.

July Lockdown Draw - Marlene Henry and Candice O’Connor
August Lockdown  Draw - Jeannie Thomas and Vanessa Smyth
November bonus Draws - Sharon Flynn, Lisa Hanlon, Orchid Kruse, Leo Zhang

Christmas Vouchers sent to all members - Merry Christmas to all our members and their families.
Secret Santa Major prize of $150:  Karen Martin
Secret Santa Prizes of $25 to the following lucky members:

Robert Beutel
David Maurice
Michelle Gillard
Karen Hutchings
Stefan Dielman
Tiss Farinas Garcia

2021 Father's Day Prize Winners ($25 Voucher)

Miroslav Filipovic
David Maurice
Andrew Goodyear
Marcos Romero
Lazarus Brown
Steven Felauto 
Simon Hedges
Matt Dillon

2021 Mother's Day Prize Winners ($25 Voucher)

Karen Martin
Julie Witcombe
Sophie Buck
Linda Lamond
Rhiannon Grime
Dominique Wilson
Gabrielle Talbot-Mundine
Diana Curuenavuli

2021 Easter Prize Winners ($25 Voucher)

Penny Lee
Jackie Jenkins
Jule Forti
Sonya O'Shanna
Leo Zhang (Zhongpu)
Michael Sanghera

Virtual Event Winners 2020

Our Winners receive a $25 Prezzee Voucher

Masquerade Happy Hour October 2020

Gabby Talbot-Mundine, Karen Martin and Chantelle Young

Halloween Happy Hour October 2020

Jenni Dewberry and Katina Zammitt

Happy Hour / Virtual Pub Crawl 1.5.2020

Shirley Gilbert, Marleen Henry, Gabby Talbot-Mundine, David Maurice, Katina Zammitt, Lada Tasic-Ilic, Dominic Wilson and Sue Veen

2020 Boredom Busters

Our Winners receive a $25 Prezzee Voucher

This is just some extra draws whilst we are all working from home and self isolating:

Sept 2020 Shutdown bonus Draw: Holiday: Jodie Clark
Sept 2020 Shutdown bonus Draw: Shutdown Turn Off: Michael Winters

29th Sept 2020  Too Much Time on My Hands Draw: Melissa Lindeberg
15th Sept 2020  Someday We'll Be Together Draw: Abbey Grover
1st Sept 2020     When Will I See You Again Draw: Kylie Corcoran
18th Aug 2020    Keep Your Hands To Yourself Draw: Anne Power
4th Aug 2020      We gotta get out of this place Draw: Sonya O'Shanna
21th July 2020    I want to break free Draw: John Pullan
7th July 2020      I'm not at the Crossroads Draw: Edith Taylor
23rd June 2020   Bored as Hell Draw: Lisa Vizza
9th June 2020     Real Friends before Covid Draw: Marc Romero
26th May 2020    Behind the Mask Draw: Mary Ellen Lynch
12th May 2020    Don't Stand so close to me Draw: Georgia Vasiliadis
28th April 2020    Wake me up when its all over Draw: Trish Saladine
14th April 2020    MC Hammer - Can't Touch This Draw: Joy Thomas
24th March 2020 It's Not Toilet Paper Draw: Sonja Starkovska

2020 Father's Day Prize Winners ($25 Voucher)

Colin Clark
Matt Dillon 
Les Krawczyk 
Owen Thornthwaite
William Nketsia
Charles Noonan

2020 Mother's Day Prize Winners ($25 Voucher)

Jana Kovtun
Karena Gilroy
Lorraine Franke
Thila Saravanan
Rachel McCarthy 
Amy Ferguson

2020 Easter Prize Winners ($20 Voucher)

Carol Reid
Harold Dulay
Cheryl Jendrachowski
Jule Fort
Abbey Grover
Karena Gilroy

Congratulations to our prize winners for 2019!

2019 Easter Prize Winners (Voucher)

Bankstown – Lada Tosic-Ilic
Campbelltown – Huy Tran
Hawkesbury – Colin Jenkinson
Kingswood – Jodie Clark
Liverpool – Vicki Fox
Parramatta – Alana Maurushat
Werrington - Jeannie Thomas

2019 Mother's Day Winners (Voucher)

Bankstown – Danielle Sherwin (new mum with twins)
Campbelltown – Penny Lee
Hawkesbury – Sahar Van Dyk
Kingswood – Lizette Delacy
Parramatta – Michelle Gillard
Werrington -Lauren Marsh

2019 Father's Day Winners (Voucher)

Harish Kotwal
Marcos Romero
Fabian Flintoff
Kevin Cheung
Miroslav Filipovic
Leo Zhang

2019 Christmas Party Main Prize

Kellie McNamara