Respect. Now. Always.

Ending sexual assault and sexual harassment at university.

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are never OK.  We are committed to safer communities.
  • Use the Support button to see your options if you have been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed
  • Use the Report button to report sexual assault, sexual harassment or any other sexual offence

Respect.Now.Always.(opens in a new window) is a national campaign to ensure our Universities are places of safety and respect. We are driven by the Australian Human Rights Commission's 2017 report into sexual assault ands sexual harassment at Australian universities, Change the Course (opens in a new window).

At Western, Respect.Now.Always. works to:

  • raise awareness of quality support and reporting options
  • address the drivers of sexual offences
  • model and celebrate positive and respectful behaviours
  • deliver relevant, engaging, evidence-informed training
  • partner with like-minded people and organisations across our community
Click here (opens in a new window) to see Western’s progress aligned to The Australian Human Rights Commission’s Change The Course recommendations (as of June 2021)

Western's First Responder Network (opens in a new window) 

First Responders are volunteers across our campuses trained in receiving disclosures. Get in touch for non-judgmental support.

Get involved 

We partner with students, academics and professional staff across our University community. We also work with partner organisations across Greater Western Sydney.

Please contact us at or follow us on Instagram (opens in a new window)

Sexual harassment (opens in a new window)

What is sexual harassment, what are the options and how can you report? Click the link to find out more.