Western Sydney Carpool

Western Sydney University has teamed up with Transport NSW and Parramatta City Council on a green initiative that encourages Western Sydney residents to share their commute to work or university. The Western Sydney Carpool(opens in a new window) is a free, online service for anyone in Sydney who wants to save money and share their drive while reducing their carbon footprint.

Western Sydney Carpool(opens in a new window) allows users to connect with other members who
are based within a 5km radius, and who travel each day to the same suburb or destination.

Once you have registered and become a verified carpool member, a parking permit will be issued to your nominated address. A Western Sydney Carpool permit must be displayed to park in the Western Sydney Carpool bays on campus. Western Sydney Carpool(opens in a new window) permits are issued free of charge by Western Sydney Carpool upon registration and verification of details. These permits are not managed by the University.

For further information visit the Western Sydney Carpool website(opens in a new window).

Western Sydney Carpool smartphone app

Carpooling - no matter where you are! Tap into carpooling and make a difference to your environment. You can add plans, search for matches and browse current people travelling to where you want to go, and get an instant calculation of your travel costs and CO2 savings.  Available in iPhone via the iTunes App Store and Android via Google Play.

Installation for iPhone

  • Go to the iPhone App Store
  • Search for 'NSW Carpool'
  • Download/Install the App
  • Sign up for the carpool using your email address

Installation for Android

  • Go to the Google Play store
  • Search for 'NSW Carpool'
  • Download/install the app
  • Sign up for the carpool using your email address