Parking on campus

Liverpool parking information

The Ngara Ngura Building in Liverpool City is our brand new, state-of-the-art campus. It is conveniently located adjacent to Westfield Shopping Centre, the Macquarie Plaza and 800m from the Liverpool transport hub.

There are limited parking spaces available at the campus and these are managed by pre-booking with Divvy Parking. (opens in a new window) For details, please refer to the FAQs below.

Please note that the Western Sydney University parking permit system does not operate at the Ngara Ngura Building.

Liverpool Parking FAQs

What is DIVVY?

DIVVY Parking (opens in a new window) connects drivers with free parking spaces all over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Drivers can book and pay for parking either via the web browser or the DIVVY app.

How does it work at Ngara Ngura Building (Liverpool City Campus)?

Car parking at the Ngara Ngura building can be paid for on an hourly basis ($1/hr), by using either a credit card or a debit card through DIVVY.

Spaces can be pre-booked online up to 30 days in advance of the booking.

On the website, click ‘Find a Space’ on the top right. Under 'Parking Type', select 'Hourly'. Enter the date, start time, duration and the desired location (e.g. Liverpool). Click ‘Show Results’. All available spaces at the Ngara Ngura building will be shown.

On the DIVVY app, press the ‘P’ symbol at the bottom of the screen. Select 'Hourly' and enter the location (e.g. Liverpool). Enter the date, start time and duration, then press ‘See Results’ to see available spaces.

After making your booking, DIVVY gives you a QR code and pin number, both in a confirmation email and in the app. Both the QR code and the pin number will lift the boom gate.

Please visit this page for a guide on the car park location, pictures on how to lift the boom gate and a map of the basement.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised many car spaces are only suitable for small to medium sized vehicles and there is a height restriction of 1.9m.

Do I need a DIVVY account to make a booking?

Yes. You will need a DIVVY account before you are able to make a booking.

If you create an account with your or email address, the system will recognise that you are a Western student or staff member and you will be able to see and book available parking at the Ngara Ngura building. Otherwise these spaces will remain hidden.

Can I share a DIVVY account with a friend or colleague?

No. You will need to use your own DIVVY account to make your booking. The system will only allow one account to be parked on-site at any given time.

How will the University support students and staff with a disability?

In addition to the two legislatively required mobility car spaces, students and staff learning and working at the Ngara Ngura building who have an RMS Mobility permit will be provided with priority access to the on-site car park 12 days before other students and staff. Further, this priority group will park for free.

To join the group, please email Campus Safety and Security a scan of your RMS Mobility Parking Scheme Licence (both sides) and your student/staff identification. Alternatively, you can provide the same documentation as part of applying for an Academic Integration Plan if you are a student or a Reasonable Adjustment Plan if you are a staff member.

I have a short-term mobility impairment and will need to park on-site. Can I join this priority group?

Students and staff with a short-term mobility consideration (such that getting an RMS Mobility Parking permit is not feasible) can also get added to this priority group through the Priority Parking Application Form [PDF, 113.27 KB] (opens in a new window) . Simply email a scan of the completed form and your student/staff identification to Campus Safety and Security Alternatively, you can provide the same documentation as part of applying for an Academic Integration Plan if you are a student or a Reasonable Adjustment Plan if you are a staff member.

What happens if I arrive late or early?

DIVVY provides a 5-minute early entry period, so staff and students can enter the car park just before their booking commences. There is also a 2 minute late exit – thereafter overstay charges apply. Further, staff and students will receive a push notification flagging that their booking is almost finished, both 30 minutes prior to the expiry of their booking and 5 minutes after the expiry time*.

*Note: Push notifications will be based on the users phone settings and permissions, but an email will also be sent to their registered email address.

What if I overstay my hourly booking?

If you need to extend your stay and there are spaces available, you can make a new booking for additional hours. Overstaying without doing so means the next person who has booked may not be able to get to class. DIVVY allows the University to identify individuals who overstay their booking to the detriment of others. These individuals will receive two warnings and then will no longer have access to on-site parking at the Ngara Ngura building for the remainder of that academic teaching session.

I need help, what do I do and who do I contact?

Please contact the 24/7 support number (1300 030 317) or email These details can also be found on the DIVVY access controller at the entrance to the car park, the booking confirmation email or in the app.

How can I provide feedback about the carpark?

General feedback should be provided to Campus Safety and Security by email to The University will regularly review the data collected by DIVVY (such as how and when the car parks are being used) to inform any changes to the DIVVY program. Further, the Travel in the Digital Age Research Group has been awarded a research grant from the NSW Government to conduct a research evaluation on this project. The findings of this research will be used to optimise the solution so that the University can continue to improve how it delivers equitable parking provisions.

Is there a car drop off/pick up location outside the Ngara Ngura Building?

There are no available drop off locations outside the building, however Westfield provide three hours free parking, where students and staff may be dropped off adjacent to the University.

Is there night time parking for staff and students?

Yes - until 10:30pm. The car park reopens at 7am.

How do we make it equitable for people who already have parking permits for other campuses?

Students and staff who are learning or working at the Ngara Ngura building who, within a calendar year, spend $302 (the equivalent of a blue parking permit on our suburban campuses) will, upon application to Campus Safety and Security, be provided:

  1. an annual General Blue permit for the same year which may be used at our suburban campuses; and
  2. will be able to access on-site parking at the Ngara Ngura building, using DIVVY Parking, for free for the remainder of the year.

Please email Campus Safety and Security your name and registration number associated with your account, to verify your expenditure to process your application.

Parramatta parking information

Parramatta South and North

Yellow permit holders are permitted to park in blue bays at Parramatta South campus for Summer School only.

Western Sydney University recognises the demand for parking at the Parramatta South campus exceeds the availability of parking bays. There are significant heritage protection issues associated with Parramatta campus which restricts parking management and development options.

To manage the continuing demand for parking at Parramatta campus the University has restricted parking on Parramatta South campus to Communal Blue permit, Dedicated Red permit, Restricted Orange permit, White 'HOTSPOT' permit and RMS MPS card holders only.

Pay and Display one day parking permits can be purchased from the permit machines on campus for $9. This will allow the holder to park in blue bays only.

Yellow parking bays are still available on the Parramatta North campus.

Parramatta North campus is connected to the main campus by a free shuttle bus service which runs on a continuous loop. Please refer to the Shuttle Bus Schedule for further details.

The two campuses are also connected by a walking route which is regularly patrolled by Campus Safety and Security Officers.

Parramatta City

PLEASE NOTE: From Saturday 30 November 2019 Darcy Street will reopen to both pedestrians and vehicles. Direct pedestrian access via an underground retail link from Parramatta Station to Parramatta Square and the public space will open shortly after. Direct access to and from Platform 1 off Station Street will be closed permanently from December 2019.  For more information please see the City of Parramatta (opens in a new window) website.

Parramatta City campus currently has two locations: 169 Macquarie Street and 100 George Street. The Parramatta City campus at 169 Macquarie Street is less than a five minute walk from Parramatta train station.

Parking bays are not available as the Parramatta City facilities are located in the heart of the CBD with no available land to accommodate parking. Students are encouraged to view the Parramatta CBD map [PDF, 563Kb] (opens in new window) for parking options in this area. Staff working in these facilities are requested to contact their relevant School for parking options.

The shuttle bus services the campus at 169 Macquarie Street only. For campus shuttle info visit the Shuttle bus webpage.

In line with the NSW State Government's Metropolitan Transport Plan, the University's long-term goal is to increase the use of public transport by those coming to Western Sydney University. Full details on alternatives to parking at the University are available at the Getting to Uni page.