The Future of Smart Work (Research Week 2020)

Event Name
The Future of Smart Work (Research Week 2020)
22 October 2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Address (Room): Online


Smart working is a set of practices that provide innovative ways to allow work to become more flexible in terms of location, hours, and shared responsibilities which is facilitated through a range of physical and digital infrastructure. Smart working arrangements are seen as environmentally sustainable, offer a way to be more connected to family and community, and as a method of reducing costs both to the individual worker and organisation. Popular smart work techniques individuals teleworking from home, collaborative shared co-worker hubs in dense CBD urban areas, and smart working hubs in suburban and regional areas. With recent critical emergencies such as drought, bushfires, floods and COVID-19, Australians have been forced to adopt agile smart working practices. Resilience has been at the heart of our ability to adopt agile smart work. Smart working hubs have been at the centre of suburban and regional development in Australia over the past several years, but have once again captured the attention of local councils, government, industry, and individual workers due to a string of emergencies, most noticeably COVID-19. As the Western Sydney Region grows and is urbanised, smart work arrangements, and particular smart working hubs offer a way of development that have the potential to provide flexibility and opportunity to the region. This workshop will highlight research and initiatives suitable for the region, progress ideas with the idea of working towards a collaborative agenda for councils, industry, communities, and critical public institutions such as universities, schools and hospitals. Within the resilience theme, we will also discuss the importance of digital resilience – without it, many smart working arrangements will not be possible going forward. The workshop will conclude by with the collective development of a collaborative smart work roadmap for Western Sydney.

Speakers: Professor Alana Maurushat

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Name: Professor Alana Maurushat

Phone: 0429 951 552

School / Department: School of Social Science