"Sweded" exhibition

Event Name
"Sweded" exhibition
4 September 2017
10:01 am - 10:01 am
Bankstown Campus

Address (Room): Margot Hardy Gallery, Foyer,Building 23, Bankstown Campus, Bullecourt Ave. Milperra


To swede a film is to recreate a summarised, low budget, first-take-is-last-take version of a popular movie. FAST PRINCESS starts with a member of the collectives favourite movie, and then does a shot for shot remake of the trailer. Our version and the original then play simultaneously, one on top of the other. The concept engages with Richard Dedomenici’s Redux Project, and the term sweded is borrowed from Michelle Gondry’s film Be Kind Rewind. In our movies everybody plays anybody, and anybody can wear any hat: we are all the director, the actor, the cinematographer. We are all Vin Diesel.

Web page: http://virtualtours.westernsydney.edu.au/margothardygallery/Sweded

Name: Monica McMahon


Phone: 46203450

School / Department: Art Collection Department