ICS Seminar Series

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ICS Seminar Series
17 May 2018
11:30 am - 01:00 pm
Parramatta Campus

Address (Room): EZ.G.23, Conference Room 1 (Female Orphan School), Parramatta campus (South), Western Sydney University

Belt and Road foregrounds ideas of connectivity, exchange and networks, using imagined histories of the Silk Roads - overland and maritime - to establish a narrative of Eurasian ‘shared Silk Road heritage’. The talk focuses on this new imagining of Eurasia through the Silk Roads, and the implications such a heritage of regionalism, trade and exchange holds in building foundations for contemporary neoliberal trade and regional security practices. Incorporating 4 billion people and 60 countries, Belt and Road has been described as ‘the most significant and far-reaching initiative that China has ever put forward’; promising to transform the political, economic and cultural landscapes of Eurasia and Africa over the coming decades. In this context, we are seeing long-standing ideas about culture and history rooted in national and ethnic pasts being displaced by a language of routes and cross-border connectivities. To examine such shifts the talk uses the concept of heritage diplomacy. In so doing, it foregrounds the ‘other half’ of the politics of heritage; focusing less on contestation and destruction, in favour of a critical understanding of cooperation, alignment and collaboration.

Speakers: Tim Winter

Web page: http://westernsydney.edu.au/ics/events

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School / Department: ICS