Upcoming events at Western Sydney University are listed below.

  • Nov 13
    ACIAC Exhibition: The ‘Yunnan School’ of Artists

    A fine and intensive exhibition from recognized Yunnan artists.

  • Jan 16
    Follow your heART

    Student artworks from Nicolle's Studio of Art

  • Jan 28
    Exhibition: Contemplating Affective Landscapes

    A collection of works by Dawne Fahey

  • Feb 12
    Free Academic Literacy Workshop

    Free 2 and 4 day workshops on essay writing and referencing skills.

  • Feb 20
    ACIAC Seminar: Ancient Chinese Primers: Translation & Dissemination

    A Traditional Chinese education with various trajectories translation and dissemination of texts by Chinese pedagogues with children.

  • Feb 22
    Nanoscale Research Group Talk

    Spider silk and glue as biomimetics.

  • Feb 25
    Public Seminar: New materialism and the sociology of inequality: class, capital and capacities

    A public seminar on new materialism and the sociology of inequality presented by Peta Hinton and Nick J. Fox.

  • Feb 26
    Ideas 2170 – The future is (nearly) now: Transport in the 21st Century

    Western is again joining with Liverpool City Council to host Ideas 2170 – a series of public discussions to take place on Liverpool City campus.

  • Feb 27
    EdFest 2019

    Edfest provides students with the opportunity to explore career start information and network with a wide range of employer and teaching sourcing agencies.

  • Feb 28
    Introduction to Stata and Basic Analysis

    Short introduction to Stata and basic analysis.

  • Feb 28
    Gender UNLIMITED* #3: Engaging Communities

    The third seminar in the Gender UNLIMITED* series, “Engaging Communities” asks: how can we engage diverse communities in the push for gender equality?

  • Feb 28
    Postgraduate Islamic Studies Network Workshop

    The Postgraduate Islamic Studies Network brings students and researchers working on Islam and Muslims together for an in-depth analysis and discussion.

  • Mar 1
    Western Women Transforming the Built Environment

    We welcome you to attend a celebratory breakfast to launch the Western Women Transforming the Built Environment project.

  • Mar 1
    Writing & Society Research Centre seminar

    Zheng Xiaoqiong (郑小琼) in conversation with Kate Fagan and Isabelle Li.

  • Mar 2
    Chinese New Year Reception

    A fun and most cherished Chinese Festival of each year.

  • Mar 2
    WSU Mardi Gras

    Western students and staff will march in the 2019 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras to show their support for our university's diversity and LGBTIQ peers

  • Mar 2
    Public Astronomy Night March 2

    From Dust to Destruction

  • Mar 5
  • Mar 13
    Business Careers Evening

    The Business Careers Evening presents business owners and managers with the unique opportunity to meet with students nearing the completion of their degrees.

  • Mar 16
  • Mar 20
    Human Rights + Technology: A Community Consultation with AHRC

    The Whitlam Institute will host a community consultation on Human Rights and Technology as part of a major review by the AHRC.

  • Mar 22
    Law Careers Evening 2019

    Law Careers Evening targets final and penultimate year law students and connects them with potential employers

  • Mar 29
    Policing and Criminology Careers Expo

    This event will bring together some of our 2000 Policing and Criminology students with employers from a variety of industries and organisations.

  • Aug 8
    Property and Construction Management Expo

    The event connects Western Sydney students in all years of study with a wide range of employers in the Property and Construction industry.

  • Aug 27
    Tourism and Heritage Careers Expo

    This event will connect Western Sydney University Tourism and Heritage students with a wide range of employers from relevant industries.