Upcoming events at Western Sydney University are listed below.

  • Aug 28
    Photography Exhibition “Meticulous Detail, Gongbi 工笔"

    This exhibition compares and identifies traces of traditional Chinese aesthetic within photographic imagery.

  • Sep 4
    "Sweded" exhibition

    “Sweded” is an exhibition showcasing stills from movies made by FAST PRINCESS.

  • Sep 11
    Power of the Lens

    An exhibition featuring photo journalism from 2016, selected in the 6th annual NRMA Kennedy Awards

  • Sep 21
    THRI Presents: Research Impact

    Research Impact: 2018 Impact and Engagement Assessment Presentation by Dr Shantala Mohan, Director Research Strategy.

  • Sep 21
    Building Bridges to the World

    An evening to celebrate transformative learning and travel

  • Sep 22
    Seminar: The application of MRI and micro-CT to understanding Plant Structure and Function

    The application of MRI and micro-CT to understanding Plant Structure and Function

  • Sep 27
    SSAP - Inaugural Professorial Lecture

    Inaugural Professorial Lecture presented by Professor Linda Briskman and Professor Jim Ife

  • Sep 27
    Western Sydney Open Forum

    Religion and Human Rights in Modern Australia: Friends, Foes or Ships in the Night?

  • Sep 29
    Hands On Workshop

    Rockets for Kids

  • Oct 3
    In Conversation with Chinese Award-Winning Writer Jingfang Hao

    In conversation with Jingfang Hao 郝景芳 who won the Hugo Award for her story "Folding Beijing"《北京折叠》.

  • Oct 5
    Social Work and Community Welfare Careers Expo 2017

    The Social Work andf Community Welfare Careers Expo is the place to learn about jobs that make a difference

  • Oct 6
    Macarthur Symposium - Rare Disease Day

    Opportunity for experienced doctors with knowledge of Mastocytosis and MCAS to share with other doctors.

  • Oct 11
    In Conversation with Award-Winning Hongkong Writer Dorothy Hiu Hung Tse

    In conversation with award-winning Hongkong fiction writer Dorothy Tse 謝曉虹.

  • Oct 20
    Papercutting Workshop with Artist Tianli Zu

    Join award-winning multimedia artist Tianli Zu, and learn the art of Chinese papercutting.

  • Oct 23
    Research Week 2017

    Research Week celebrates research at Western Sydney University - Individual events will be entered separately, see web below for further information.

  • Oct 26
    Short Introduction to Stata and Basic Analysis

    Short Introduction to Stata and Basic Analysis

  • Nov 16
    NICM Symposium - Clinical Trials in Integrative Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities

    Explores the challenges and opportunities of clinical trials focusing on herbal medicine, acupuncture, and mind and body therapies.

  • Nov 20
    2nd National Advancing Community Cohesion Conference

    A national forum to consider challenges confronting social cohesion and ways to more effectively address them.

  • Nov 22
    SPHERE 2017 Symposium

    Register for the SPHERE 2017 International Symposium 22-23 November 2017

  • Dec 6
    2017 University Awards

    Presentation of the 2017 University Awards