While overseas

The following information applies to students participating on the Western Sydney University Student Exchange Program.

Emergency Contacts

  • Should an emergency arise at any time while abroad, you are encouraged to contact Customer Care reverse charge anywhere in the world 24/7:  
  • If you need to speak urgently to a Western Sydney International staff member due to a critical incident, call +61 414 274 211 (call only, do not SMS) or Western Sydney University Campus Security (24 hours) +61 1300 737 003
  • If you have difficulties with studies overseas, anxiety or depression: your host university or provider may be able to assist with seeking advice with a Counsellor or you may wish to speak with a Western Sydney e-Counsellor.
  • Customer Care Membership Number: CC112UWS

Customer Care

Reverse charge anywhere in the world 24/7
Phone: +61 2 8907 5686 (available 24/7)
Customer Care Membership Number: CC112UWS

For emergency assistance, please use the telephone number provided above.

When calling, please try to have the following information ready:

  • The number and precise location you are calling from
  • Your personal details
  • The nature of assistance that you require

Health and Travel insurance

Students that travel overseas on approved University activities are covered by the corporate travel insurance policy for the official University component of their trip. This may include travel overseas for the purposes of placement, work experience, practicums, research, conferences, student exchange and study tours. Please note this cover is limited and does not include personal travel or participating in extreme or high risk activities. The Western Sydney University coverage pertains to travel for the purpose of studying overseas and has limits if undertaking personal travel more than one week prior and one week after the end of classes.Cover for inter-session breaks only extends to one week.

It is advised that you visit the Overseas Travel Insurance webpage and review the information and policy provided on this site. You should find out what it doesn't cover before you go, and if needed, organise additional personal travel insurance. Note, if you need to arrange your own travel insurance, you may access the University's insurer or search for another provider.

Before travelling abroad Download the Customer Care Corporate Protection Card. If you experience a medical or security problem while travelling, you are encouraged to contact Customer Care (see What to Do in an Emergency below).*For more information or enquiries regarding insurance, please see the contact details on the Overseas Travel Insurance webpage

Check if there are any visa requirements that require you to have a current health insurance policy. If so, make sure that the insurance is also recognised by the host institution you are attending. If the institution that you are going to has compulsory health insurance and you have existing cover, apply to have the health insurance requirement waived, noting that the provision of a waiver is at the discretion of the individual institution.

Students travelling to the U.S. may not be approved for a U.S. health insurance waiver unless the insurer has an agency in the U.S. ISEP also requires students to purchase coverage through them.

Making a Claim

To make a claim you are required to complete a  Travel Insurance Claim Form. For more information visit the Overseas Travel Insurance webpage and see 'Claims'. For enquiries about insurance, please contact Leah Dincog, 4570 1217 or l.dincog@westernsydney.edu.au

ACE Insurance/Travel Insurance

24 hour contact number: Worldwide reverse charge to +61 2 8907 5995. While you are not obligated to, should you require insurance to cover your private trips outside of the official study periods, you can do so by purchasing additional cover from the University's insurer.