Evaluating Learning Abroad Programs

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The Evaluation process requires the objective assessment of the Learning Abroad program. The aim is to determine the performance and level of achievement.

  • Were the objectives met?
  • What were the challenges?
  • What can be improved?
  • Will the program be sustainable?

During this process students complete an  online evaluation which appraises their overseas experience and collects testimonials. Instructors can utilise the information collected by this evaluation to review the program and gain feedback from participants. This information may also be used to inform the Government and University about student mobility programs.

New Colombo Plan Completion Report

An NCP Completion Report must be submitted no later than one month after the project has been completed or by the deadline requested by Western Sydney International. If a project has multiple implementation dates, a report must be completed after each implementation period. Internal school/department reports will not be accepted in place of this document. Supplementary information can be provided as part of this report.

  1. Download the  NCP Completion Report  and fill out
  2. Upload the Project Report via Western Now and supplementary information. This can include other reports about the time abroad.

Click on the following image to upload the report.

The Go Global team will review the documents and provide advice, prior to sending the final version to relevant delegates and Government.

Video: Returning from Overseas

Video: Advice for Future Leaders