What is ISEP?

The partnership between Western Sydney University and ISEP (opens in a new window) allows Western students to access more than 300 extra semester and year-long exchange university options across over 50 countries. ISEP is an organisation founded in 1979 committed to assisting students to overcome financial and academic barriers to study abroad.

Why go with ISEP?

Studying through ISEP as part of your Go Global Exchange Program gives you a large number of options and dedicated support from both the Go Global and Study Abroad team, your host university and ISEP themselves.

The ISEP option also gives you a better way to lock in your accommodation and meal costs, as these are all pre-paid at a fixed rate.

There are ISEP partner universities worldwide, however it is also a particularly good option for Western Sydney University students who wish to explore the diversity of offerings available in the United States.

How is studying with ISEP different?

The experience studying through ISEP as compared to our direct exchange university partners will be largely the same!

The main difference is that under ISEP you pre-pay your meals and accommodation at a fixed-rate of $5,500 per semester. This makes your budgeting process extremely easy as you don't have to worry about fluctuating costs!

What does it cost and what financial support can I access?

You pay to Western Sydney University:

  • Your fees as per normal to Western Sydney University (you don't pay at the overseas partner);
  • AUD $5,500 in advance for the semester, inclusive of all your accommodation and meals.

You pay to ISEP:

  • USD $100 application fee (only once you have been accepted into the Western Sydney University Go Global Exchange Program and commence your ISEP application);
  • USD $425 placement fee (at the time you accept your ISEP placement).

We pay to you:

* Subject to eligibility. International students are not eligible to apply for OS-Help loans.

Where can I study through ISEP?

Check out over 300 ISEP exchange options at the dedicated ISEP website (opens in a new window).

How do I apply for ISEP?

  • Lodge a Go Global Exchange Program application (opens in a new window) for one of the 'ISEP' programs of interest.
  • If you want to study through ISEP as one - but not all - of your preferences, apply to your preferred exchange program and list your second and third preference in your Go Global application.
  • Once you have been nominated to ISEP as part of the Go Global Exchange Program, we will work with you to lodge your formal ISEP application and select your specific university preferences.
  • Please note that being nominated to attend an ISEP program does not guarantee that you will be allocated to your preferred host university. You will identify three preferences through ISEP and you will be offered to study at a host university that is part of the ISEP network.