Team Profile: IT Services Management Project

Who works in the IT Services Management (ITSM) Project team? 

  • Sarah Chaloner, Associate Director, Information Technology Services
  • Stuart Penny, Senior Program Manager
  • Jennifer Biscan, Manager, Service Desk
  • Rodney Olson, Problem & Event Management Coordinator 
  • Phillip Gauke, Incident and Service Request Management Coordinator
  • Len Cuthbert, Change and Release Management Coordinator 
  • Beverley Louat, Knowledge Management Coordinator
  • Yona Signo, Asset and Configuration Management Coordinator
  • Lyn Burns, Service Level Analyst
  • Tony Fathers, Project Officer
  • Marlies Shaw, Practice Change Manager
  • Mary Hoang, Business Analyst
  • Sudhakar Nampalli, Testing Analyst
  • Marcus Lathouwers, Project Support Officer & UWS Student
  • Jacqui Telgenkamp, ITSM Project Analyst
  • Stephen Chessell, Principal Delivery Consultant, IT Service Management 
  • Kamal Mikhail, ServiceNow Technical Consultant

What does the ITSM Project team do?

The ITSM Project team was established in 2012 to:

  • Create a culture that is customer focused, service-oriented, proactive, professional and integrated
  • Introduce end-to-end IT services that are defined, owned and aligned to the University's needs
  • Deliver well-defined, measurable, documented Information Technology Infrastructure Library processes that are understood and used consistently by all stakeholders
  • Establish service quality benchmark levels supported by a program of continual improvement.

Where is the ITSM Project team located?

Building G7 at Hawkesbury campus.

Who does the ITSM Project team work with? 

The team actively works with IT Services staff, other IT delivery partners across UWS, key business stakeholders as well as student and staff representatives to involve them in the design of the MyIT portal and supporting IT process and practices.

What would be a good example of the work that you are involved in? 

One element of the project that the team is particularly proud of is the introduction of a user-friendly self-service IT portal (MyIT). This allows students and staff to access IT services, support and information online with more than 90 customer services and 220 standard requests to choose from. In conjunction with broader process and practice improvement initiatives, IT Services has seen a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction levels and we hope to keep improving further each year. 

What challenges does the team face?

Our biggest challenge is to engage students and staff more broadly in using the self-service portal. As we're seeking to continuously improve the portal we are always keen to get feedback on what's working well and what needs more work. The portal allows staff to submit feedback and anyone interacting with IT Services will have received email notifications from the system including mini surveys that give everyone a chance to comment on the service they're receiving. Students and staff have also had a chance to provide feedback when we conducted our annual IT Services Quality Benchmark Survey.

What is the team focusing on in the next 12 months?

The formal project will wind down at the end of 2014 but before it does, IT Services will be implementing a number of internal processes and practices which ensure that we have an accurate record of all of our technology assets (both hardware and software) so we can actively manage impacts on these and minimise outages for the UWS user community. In 2015 the Service Management Office will take over and focus on improving our knowledge management so we can give students and staff access to easy-to-read knowledge articles that allow them to 'help themselves'.