Preparing a Grant Application

All external research funding applications are to be lodged through Research Services. This ensures legal and administrative requirements are met, including evidence for research workload negotiations.

We also employ a Grant Development Support Strategy (opens in a new window) (login required).

You need to submit your draft application to Grant Services at least five business days prior to the external closing date. In some cases this will be much earlier if there are restrictions imposed by a funding agency.

You also need to complete a Clearance Form (opens in a new window) (login required) prior to submitting your funding application. Please note that a Clearance Form is also required for WSU academic staff to be listed on grants led by other institutions. Please use a Windows system with Chrome as your web browser to complete the Clearance Form.

Contact the Research Development Officer who specialises in your research area as early as possible so they can assist you with strategic advice, critical feedback, budget development and track record statements to maximise your chance of success.

You can find additional resources such as past ARC and NHMRC successful grant applications (login required) and a list of FAQs in the Grant Development Resource Library (opens in a new window)

For further information, see also Life Cycle of a Research Grant (PDF, 380.45 KB) (opens in a new window)

Research Development Officers

Research Development Officers (RDOs), where applicable, are available to assist in the development of your application.

RDOs will help with:

  • Scheme compliance and eligibility
  • Draft feedback (subject to sufficient notice)
  • Budgets
  • Concept pitch development
  • Track record advice
  • Metrics (researcher report cards)
  • Benefit/impact statements
  • Support letters

Please visit the Research Services Contacts page for details on the RDO portfolios.