Academic Promotions

Academic promotion is a process whereby academic staff may apply for promotion to a higher level. There is a policy and procedure document which govern this process and provide all the details on eligibility and criteria. They are:

Applications are accepted throughout the year. The closing dates below ensure that those applications will make the following Committee meeting.

It is expected that all applicants will review the Academic Promotions Policy, Procedures, Guidelines and associated documents as part of their preparation.

Steps in preparing to apply for promotion:

  • Speak with your Dean/Director and Academic Supervisor
  • Refer to the documents and resources located in the Supporting Resources page
  • Check your Research Profile in the Research Services Portal
  • Update your engagement activities in the TICE database
  • Utilise a mentor/champion/colleague to read your application
  • Provide all your supporting docuemtnation outside that required with your application to your Dean/Director upon submission of your application
  • Queries to the Promotion Coordinator

Important Dates for 2021

Cut-off dates for the Academic Promotions Committee meetings and inclusion in these meeting dates are:

  • 1st Academic Promotions Committee Meeting - Tuesday 25 May & Wednesday 26 May 2021
  • all applications are required by cob Monday 22 February 2021
  • 2nd Academic Promotions Committee Meeting - Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 November 2021
  • all applications are required by cob Monday 9 August 2021

Promotion applications must be made on the Application Form and CV provided on this website. These must be submitted electronically in word format to the Promotions Coordinator at

You are strongly encouraged to read all of the supporting documentation surrounding Academic Promotions and to also refer to the resources listed on the right hand side of this page under the "Supporting Resources" tab as you complete the required forms.

Membership of the Promotion Committees for 2021

Per the Promotion Procedures, applicants must not contact a member of a Promotions Committee to discuss their application, except to receive official feedback from the Chair or nominee after results have been notified. You will be advised as to who to contact for feedback in your official outcome letter.

Promotion Committee Composition for Round 2 2021 (PDF, 88.52 KB) (opens in a new window).

Where can I get further information?

Contact Promotions Co-ordinator, Office of People and Success.