Academic Development Program

What is the Academic Development Program (ADP)

A provision for eligible academic staff to undertake a sustained period of academic development - to assist individual members of the academic staff to pursue research; acquire new skills and knowledge that can be applied to their teaching; or to develop ongoing partnerships with industry that will benefit the University.

Details are in the Academic Development Program Policy, and the Academic Development Program Procedures.

Who can apply?

Tenured members of the academic staff of the University will, under normal circumstances, be eligible to apply for ADP if they have completed at least three years continuous service - however please read relevant section of the ADP Policy - Eligibility to Undertake ADP.

If you are uncertain, please contact the ADP Coordinator at, within the Office of Human Resources, for confirmation of your eligibility to apply.

Mentors - Link in to an ADP Mentor

How can I apply?

All applicants will have to meet the assessment criteria as set out in the ADP policy and complete an application template. Applications should be submitted to

Please Note: Applications and any supporting documentation, from you or other parties, must be submitted electronically. Hard copies will not be accepted.

You are strongly advised to discuss your program with your Dean or Director before submitting an application.

Interactive Session

The 2019 ADP Interactive Session was held on Thursday 14 February 2019.

Session Presentations from 2019

Workshop Presentations from 2018

Following are the video's from the 2018 workshop.

Following is a relevant video from the 2017 workshop.

Important Dates for 2020

Round 1 - for undertaking ADP from the first half of 2021

  • 24 February - Applications called
  • 24 March - Applications close
  • July - advice of outcomes

Round 2 - for undertaking ADP from the second half of 2021

  • 17 July - Applications called
  • 26 August at 5pm - Applications close
  • Late November - advice of outcomes

What obligations do I have if I am successful?

You must complete the ADP Undertaking Form and Leave and Payment Details Form, and submit to the ADP Coordinator. You also need to submit a report on your ADP upon your return. These obligations are further outlined in the ADP Procedures.

For any queries in regard to the ADP policy or process please email or contact Kim Nemetz on x7416