Nanoscale Organisation and Dynamics Group

The Nanoscale Organisation and Dynamics Group (Nano) is a multidisciplinary research team within Western Sydney University, whose ultimate aim is to establish the University as an internationally recognised research group for molecular association, organisation and dynamics.

Professor William S. Price (Group Leader)
NMR and MRI studies of molecular dynamics
Professor Janice R. Aldrich-Wright
Cytotoxic and Anti-Bacterial agents
Associate Professor Gary R. Dennis
Polymer and Surface Chemistry
Professor Anne-Marie Hennessey
Dr Tim Stait-Gardner (NIF Fellow)
MRI and Quantum Physics
Dr Abhishek Gupta
MRI Contrast Agent Development
and NMR Relaxation
Dr Allan Torres
Dr Scott A. Willis (BMRF Manager)
Diffusion, Pulse Sequences and
Polymer Materials
 Dr Gang Zheng
NMR Pulse Sequence Development
and Chemical Exchange

Associate National Member of the Nanoscale Research Group

 Affiliation to Western Sydney UniversityResearch Interest
Prof. Michael BartonIngham Institute, Liverpool Hospital, University of New South WalesMRI biomarkers of cancer
Prof. Bruce CornellSurgical Diagnostics, SydneyNMR of biophysical systems
Prof. Paul KeallUniversity of SydneyMRI contrast agent development
Prof. Scott KeoghAustralian National UniversityMRI of lizard brain development
Prof. John MorleySchool of Medicine, Western Sydney UniversitySensory neuroscience
Prof. Suzy RogiersNSW Department of Primary IndustriesMRI of plant development and physiology
Prof. Peter StanwellUniversity of New EnglandDTI microimaging of fixed rat brain tissue
A/Prof. Jason HarperUniversity of New South WalesMagnetic resonance studies of ionic liquids
A/Prof. Lois HollowayIngham InstituteMRI contrast agent development
A/Prof. Gary LineyIngham InstituteMRI contrast agent development
Dr Stephen BosiUniversity of New EnglandMRI methods for electron density determination
Dr Roger BourneUniversity of SydneyDiffusion MRI
Dr Daniel HoopsMcGill University, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaMRI of lizard brain development
Dr Trang PhamSydney West Radiation Oncology Network, Westmead, Blacktown and Nepean HospitalsMRI biomarkers of cancer

Associate International Members

 Affiliation to Western Sydney UniversityResearch Interest
Prof. Yuichi AiharaSamsung Yokohama Research Institute, JapanConducting electrolyte systems
Prof. Patrick J. BednarskiErnst-Moritz-Arndt-Universite, GermanyCell-line testing
Prof. A. BolhuisUniversity of Bath, UKAntibacterial testing
Prof. Martin GuestWaseda Univ., JapanTopology
Prof. Kikuko HayamizuNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, JapanConducting electrolyte systems
Prof. Masaya IshikawaTokyo University of Science, JapanMRI studies of freezing injury in plants
Prof. Shingo MatsukawaTokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, JapanApplications of NMR diffusometry to biological and chemical systems
Prof. Alison RodgersUniversity of Warwick, UKBiophysical chemistry, circular and linear dichroism
Prof. Olle SödermanUniversity of Lund, SwedenNMR diffusion measurements and surfactants
Prof. Peter StilbsRoyal Institute of Technology, SwedenNMR diffusion measurements and physical chemistry
Prof. Yitzhak TorUniversity of California, San Diego, USAOrganic chemistry
Prof. Sergey TraytakSholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities, RussiaDiffusion controlled reactions
Asst. Prof. Tom BrennerSophia University, JapanNMR pulse sequence development
Dr Dennis HwangAcademia Sinica, TaiwanTaiwan MRI contrast agent development
Dr Michael J. TilbyUniversity of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UKCancer