Broadcast email

Internal Communications manages a number of broadcast email lists for students and staff.

This includes lists for all University students and staff, and lists for students and staff on each campus. It also includes targeted staff lists (for example, academic staff, professional staff and managers).


Not all messages can be sent via broadcast email. Messages that are appropriate for distribution via broadcast email lists include emergency/crisis/safety notices, Executive messages, notification of IT service outages and messages relevant to all students (e.g. exams and results) and all staff (e.g. enterprise bargaining updates).

Criteria for use of the broadcast emails include:

  • The message is relevant to at least 80 per cent of the recipients on the email distribution list
  • The message is of an important and/or urgent nature
  • The message is about a significant University event, initiative or program
  • The message content is in line with the broadcast list's purpose
  • Alternative communication channels have been considered.

There are two versions of broadcast emails: plain text only and Vision6.

Plain-text emails are just that: plain text only with no attachments. The email subject must be 50 characters or less and friendly URLs must be used when pointing to Western Sydney University webpages.

Vision6 emails can have a banner included that links to a webpage with more information – this can increase reader interest. Hyperlinks can be used on Vision6 emails, rather than including a full URL, creating a neater look.

There is a cost associated with sending Vision6 emails, which will be attributed to the Unit requesting the email be sent. Contact the Internal Communications Unit to find out the cost of sending a Vision6 email.

Requests for broadcast emails should be submitted at least five working days prior to the intended sending date.

All University emails must comply with the Western Sydney University Email Policy (opens in a new window), Western Sydney University Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy (opens in a new window), Western Sydney University Code of Conduct (opens in a new window) and the Spam Act 2003.


For more information and advice on sending a broadcast email, contact Leanne Findlay (opens in a new window), Internal Communications Manager.