Delegations Register

The University Delegations Register is an online database of all staff who hold delegations in a substantive or acting capacity.

The purpose of the Register is to maintain and provide up to date and accurate information on delegation holders in terms of organisational unit, category (i.e. level) of delegated authority, and cost centres and projects over which a delegate may exercise authority.

The Register maintains a complete historical record of delegation holders from 1 April 2004.

How to use the Register

Staff can use the Register to check who holds a delegation for a particular cost centre or organisational unit, what the level of their delegation is, and when that authority was or is effective.

The Delegations Register should be used in conjunction with the Delegations of Authority Policy, Delegations Schedules AA to II and Delegate Category Table.

More information is also available in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Entity Delegations Registers

Delegation records for the following Western Sydney University Entities are available via the following links or via the "Entity Delegations Registers" tab on the "Search Register" button below. Records for these entities have been maintained in their own instances of Delegations Register since 14 November 2018.