Digital YOU

Digital YOU

Digital YOU builds the digital skills and knowledge you need for success in an ever-evolving, technology-driven world.


Digital YOU is a partnership between Learning Futures, ITDS and the Library. We work with digital providers including Adobe, LinkedIn Learning, and Microsoft to provide tailored professional learning opportunities across the University community. We believe that through education, innovation, and collaboration, we can build a brighter and more digitally fluent future for all.

Unlock your digital potential with our masterclasses, Digital YOU Lounge and just-in-time resources


Embark on a transformative journey with Digital YOU masterclasses, designed to meet you at every stage of your digital journey. Choose your path, enhance your capabilities, and become a digital pioneer.

Masterclasses are available at key campus locations and online. All Western students and staff are welcome.


Achieve badges on completion of each masterclass. Complete all core masterclasses to earn a Digital YOU level badge. Share your badge on your LinkedIn profile to showcase your achievements.

Level 1: Digital Explorer – Foundation

Level 1 provides foundation knowledge and skills in digital literacy. Digital Explorers will explore digital options and applications and identify areas for future development.  

Level 2: Digital Adventurer – Advanced

Level 2 will take you into more complex and specialised areas. Digital Adventurers will expand their horizons and embrace the challenges of advanced digital technologies.

Level 3: Digital Pioneer – Extended

Level 3 acknowledges that you are already confident in a wide array of digital technologies.  Digital Pioneers will consolidate their expertise or specialise in specific applications.

Digital YOU Learning Lounge Drop-In Sessions

Learn from your peers in student-led Learning Lounge drop-in sessions at designated Library locations. These informal and collaborative sessions help you to learn in a more relaxed and social learning environment.

Check out WesternLife for our schedule and Library locations.


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Head to Digital Learning for staff resources on digital teaching and learning tools used at Western.