Work Health and Safety

The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Unit provides quality in-house health and safety consultancy services to Western Sydney University and its related entities.

This site provides information on the University's commitment to health, safety and wellbeing, and outlines the strategy and mechanisms within the University for meeting this commitment to all workers, students and visitors.

What's happening

Western Sydney University is currently working with SafeWork NSW, NSW Health and Vitality Works to develop a Workplace Health Program to help improve the health and wellbeing of staff members here at Western Sydney University. The program provides staff member the opportunity to take part in a free confidential online health check to receive immediate personalized feedback on how to improve their health. Staff members are also able to complete a worker survey to share their views and provide feedback to help us shape our Workplace Health Program.

To find out more about Get Healthy at Work and participate in your free and confidential health check please click here.