International Careers

10 Minutes With (opens in a new window) is a career website to help students on their career journey by providing insight from different professionals and giving you access to more than 200,000 jobs and internships worldwide. 

If you are seeking an international experience you will find the country career guides on Going Global (opens in a new window) are the ultimate international job seeker's guide!

Going Global: Expand your horizons. Your career. Your future.

You can access Going Global online with your Student ID and Password.

Packed with country-specific information, this massive research tool contains more than 45,000 resources for finding international employment at home and abroad. Each guide has been developed by a local career specialist, and contains recommended web sites and detailed resource descriptions on vital employment topics such as:

  • Job search resources: general and specialised job sites, job fairs, newspapers, government-sponsored employment offices, head-hunters/recruiters, internship programs and temporary staffing agencies
  • Information on employment opportunities and trends
  • Industry-specific trade and professional organisation information and links: issues of special concern for foreign professionals, education requirements, trade associations, and industry web sites
  • Business resources: Trade Councils, Chambers of Commerce, and other professional networking organizations
  • Work permit and visa regulations
  • Finance and compensation information: taxes, cost of living, medical insurance, vacation/leave, etc.
  • Resume/CV writing guidelines and examples
  • Cultural and interviewing advice

For more information on international careers please contact Careers via email or call 02 4736 0424.