About the AMCF Research Manager

Dr Richard Wuhrer is the Research Manager of the Advanced Materials Characterisation Facility (AMCF) at Western Sydney University. Richard has extensive experience on various scanning electron microscopes, variable pressure and environmental scanning electron microscopes, microanalysis systems, X-ray mapping and with electron microprobe analysis and wavelength dispersive spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and electron back scattered diffraction. He has taught many courses and workshops in the field of Characterisation techniques, SEM, ESEM, EDS, WDS, XRM, EM Maintenance, GSR, Forensic Characterisation techniques, EM Probe and XRD. Richard has a PhD in Applied Science and is the President of the Australian Microbeam Analysis Society (AMAS). He has over 70 reviewed publications on a variety of topics from art works to gunshot residue analysis, surface engineering and development of new alloys, but his main focus remains characterisation techniques and further development of these techniques through combining systems and aiding in the analysis of materials and biological materials.