International and Other Grants

Submission Guidelines (non ARC/NHMRC schemes)

Researchers should inform their RDO of their intent to submit a grant application as early as possible to enable Research Services to support the submission.

Unless a specific grant deadline has been advertised, researchers should endeavour to notify their RDO of their intent to submit 2 weeks prior to the external deadline (to facilitate organisational sign off etc.). A final draft and Clearance Form should be provided to our RDO 1 week prior to the external deadline to ensure compliance prior to submission.

Schemes with specific requirements ( internal review process) or a large number of submissions expected may require earlier deadlines and will be advertised by the Grant Services team.

Please click here (opens in a new window) (login required) for internal deadlines.

International Grants

As an impact-driven, research-led university recognised for its capacity to carry out successful collaborative and high impact research, Western encourages its researchers to participate in a wide range of international research collaborations.

International grant opportunities can be found using Research Professional (opens in a new window)

COMING SOON: International Grant Submission Guidelines.