Enid Helen Hort and Family Scholarship

Scholarship Type:  Equity
Scholarship Group:  B


  • $7,500 per year for duration of degree*
    *full-time, or part-time equivalent

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:



  • new or continuing student


  • any undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University


Harold Hort

In August 2011 Mr Harold Hort, a resident of Greater Western Sydney, made a gift of $600,000 to Western Sydney University –one of the largest donations in the University’s history – to establish a range of new scholarships for Western Sydney University students. The donation was made in the name of Mr Hort’s late wife, Mrs Enid Helen Hort, and the Hort Family.

The Enid Helen Hort and Family Scholarships are intended to ensure that people from all walks of life have the opportunity to attend university, including those who may have experienced financial hardship and those who may have not come from a privileged background.

Application and Selection Process

Applications are to be submitted through the Universities Admissions Centre. Shortlisted applicants, as determined by the UAC Equity Ranking, may be required to make a written submission in support of their application.

Further information and how to apply can be found on our Equity Scholarship page.

Continuing Eligibility Criteria

  • Recipients must remain enrolled at Western.
  • Recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 4.