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Western Sydney University degrees are designed for success. They offer flexibility, practical skill development and the theoretical knowledge you need to become a career-ready graduate.

The International Student Fee Schedules provides a summary of courses available to international students and fees:

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Bachelor degrees - undergraduate study

Masters degrees - postgraduate study

Research degrees

Master of Research

The Master of Research enables you to complete a PhD in three years by providing a foundation of research preparation.

In the first year, you will be exposed to a unique combination of advanced methods and disciplinary coursework while concurrently developing a research proposal and improving your academic literacy skills. The course is also structured so that you will engage with issues associated with research ethics and integrity.

In the second year you will undertake a supervised research project and complete a 20,000-25,000 word thesis (or equivalent). There will also be a non-assessable structured learning component.

Doctoral research programs

Require the completion of a major original research project in a chosen academic field.

The program is conducted independently, under academic supervision. Candidates are expected to uncover new knowledge either by the discovery of new facts, the formulation of theories, or the innovative re-interpretation of known data and established ideas.

The outcome of the research project is presented by way of thesis and is expected to make a significant original contribution to knowledge in the chosen field.

The Doctoral programs support further development of research skills and experience and candidates are expected to present academic papers within professional for a and to publish academic papers.

For more information, visit the Graduate Research School.(opens in a new window)

Pre-university pathways to Western Sydney University

The College (opens in a new window) is wholly-owned by Western Sydney University and is the University's preferred provider of University Foundation Studies, Diploma programs, and English language courses.


Diplomas are equivalent to the first-year undergraduate programs in disciplines at Western Sydney University. Upon successful completion of the Diploma, students enter the second year of the Western Sydney University degree with advanced standing of one year.

For more information on what fields diplomas are offered in, visit the The College Diploma Program page.(opens in a new window)

University Foundation Studies

This program prepares students for university study, by offering courses that are an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed for an undergraduate degree at Western Sydney University.

University Foundation Studies are available for entry into the first year of a Bachelor degree at Western Sydney University or students may choose to continue at The College to undertake a Diploma.

For more information, visit the The College University Foundation Studies page.(opens in a new window)

English Language courses

Academic English for Tertiary Studies has been specifically designed to develop student's English proficiency to the standard required for entry to Western Sydney University.

English Language Program graduates can progress to The College University Foundation Studies or Diploma courses, and to undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Western Sydney University.

For more information, visit the The College English for tertiary studies page.(opens in a new window)

Other Tertiary Education Pathways

Western Sydney University offers you a range of formalised Tertiary Education (TE) pathways (opens in a new window) into popular university degrees. These TE pathways are established agreements between TAFE, private Vocational Educational and Training (VET) or higher education colleges that generally provide guaranteed entry and credit transfer from your vocational/higher education studies towards a related degree.  Credit transfer is sometimes also known as advanced standing or recognition of prior learning (RPL). For many popular Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas these pathways to the university are pre-negotiated, so you can find out in advance what credit you will be eligible to receive for your previous studies.

For more information, visit the Pathways page. (opens in a new window)