Internal Communications Guidelines

Staff News Guidelines

Staff News summarises the main stories from the News Centre. In additional to these stories there are also staff profiles. Staff profiles include:

  • A Day in the Life of...
  • 60 seconds with...
  • Staff Snapshot
  • Team profiles.

Please complete the form to suggest a staff profile for Staff News.

Broadcast Email Guidelines

Messages that are appropriate for distribution via broadcast email lists include emergency/crisis/safety notices, Executive messages, notification of IT service outages and messages relevant to all students (e.g. exams and results) and all staff (e.g. HR payment summaries).

Criteria for use of the broadcast emails include:

The message is relevant to at least 80 per cent of the recipients on the email distribution list

  • The message is of an important and/or urgent nature
  • The message is about a significant University event, initiative or program
  • The message content is in line with the broadcast list's purpose
  • Alternative communication channels have been considered

Most broadcast emails are sent in plain text only, without attachments. The email subject must be 50 characters or less, and any URLs must be 70 characters or less.

Requests for broadcast emails should be submitted at least three working days prior to the intended sending date.

All University emails must comply with the Email Policy (opens in a new window), Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy (opens in a new window),  Code of Conduct (opens in a new window) and the Spam Act 2003.

E-Update Guidelines

  • Messages can be displayed on the Intranet for up to one month.
  • If you require an E-update to be published in the daily news bulletin on more than one day, you must submit separate announcement for each day.
  • E-updates must be submitted before 12pm to be published on the next working day.
  • E-updates can be submitted in advance.
  • E-updates can include attachments.
  • Use http:// at the front of a URL if you want it to appear as a clickable link.
  • Messages relating to advertising the sale of goods should use only the "Social and non-work specific announcements" category.
  • E-update cannot be used to advertise an independent business venture or the sale of goods not owned by a UWS staff member.
  • Political or religious messages endorsing a particular philosophy cannot be published on E-update.
  • The E-update moderator reserves the right to edit long messages or to decline to publish unsuitable messages.
  • All E-updates must comply with the Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy (opens in a new window) and the Code of Conduct (opens in a new window).

Digital Screen Advertisement Guidelines

  • Advertisements must be relevant and of interest to a large proportion of students/staff, and relate to an overall program or campaign rather than an individual event.
  • Preference is given to publishing advertisements that contribute towards equitable representation from different areas of the University.
  • Requests for digital screen advertisements should be submitted at least four weeks before the requested publishing date to allow time for design, approval and uploading.
  • Advertisements must comply with Brand Guidelines.
  • Advertisements must be designed by the University's iMedia and Design team. The Internal Communications Unit can facilitate the design of advertisements by iMedia and Design.
  • Internal Communications will assist with developing advertisement messages or editing and approving draft messages.
  • Connect manages a number of the digital screens and retains the right to approve or decline advertisements for publishing, subject to their own communication requirements.
  • Approved advertisements can be displayed for up to 14 days.