Communications Planning

To ensure all stakeholders are informed of an initiative, event or project in a timely and informative manner, it's important to plan your communications.

To request a communications plan, please provide the Internal Communications Unit with further information via the Internal Communications Request Form.

The Internal Communications team will provide support based on the size of the initiative, event or project as follows:

1. A small initiative, event or project. You can get started by completing a small communication plan template (opens in a new window) and submitting it to the team via email for advice and consideration. When completing this communications plan you will identify the audience and provide key messages. Internal Communications will provide advice on the communications channels that are the best fit for your project, event or initiative.

2. An initiative, event or project that impacts on a variety or large number of stakeholders. In this instance a larger communications plan, such as that devised for the MyVoice Staff Engagement Survey, can be developed by the Internal Communications Unit in conjunction with the project/event contacts. Internal Communications provides ongoing support to assist with the implementation of communication strategies.

3. A project that involves major change, such as the Our People 2015 project, can include a steering committee. This type of project may require ongoing consultation and support, including participating in regular committee or sub-group meetings, to identify and implement communication strategies.